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Why not come and join us?

We want you!     Particularly Tenors and Sopranos!


Enjoy yourself !

Do you sing for the pleasure it gives, but don't want the presssure that goes with being a member of one of the larger choral societies? Indeed, several of our members have left the big choral societies to join us for this very reason.

Although we do take our singing seriously, we are friendly and informal, and even allow ourselves the luxury of a short tea/coffee break in the middle of our rehearsals!


Are you worried about having to face an audition or voice test? Fear not, we don't require auditions, voice or sight reading tests. You don't even need to be able to read music to enjoy singing with us - you'll soon learn!

Are you looking for four-part (SATB) choral singing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in North or West Yorkshire? If so, singing in Wetherby in harmony in a choir with over 100 others is the place for you!

Church Centre
Church Centre, Church Street, where we rehearse.

As David Denton said of our musical director in the Yorkshire Post, "Dunford has that type of character that persuades people to do things they never dreamed possible and to perform as if their lives depended upon it."

We are a community choir, and membership is open to all. We are keen to encourage new members to join. You are invited to come along to a Monday evening rehearsal at the St James' Church Centre, Church Street, Wetherby and share the joy of singing. Or, if you prefer, simply contact the Secretary (Heather Marsh - Tel: 01937 584048) for further information. We'll arrange for someone to meet you and introduce you to those you will be singing with. We usually have a couple of spare copies of the music score for prospective members.

Why not come along for a rehearsal or two, to see if you like it, before joining us? We are sure you will want to join us!


Rather than pitch the annual subscription at a level that some members might be uncomfortable with, the Committee have for some time fixed it at a minimum level, leaving members to pay a little more if they can.

We were founded in 1975!!

The 2017-18 subscription is £100, payable before the season's first concert in November. As mentioned above, if you feel able to do so, you are encouraged to add to this when paying your subscription.

Please contact the Treasurer (in confidence) if this is more than you can manage, or if you are thinking of joining us for only part of the season. Students are welcome without having to pay any subscription.

The subscription includes the hire of music scores (apart from Handel's Messiah).

* Please mark up your copies with a SOFT pencil only, NOT and certainly not with ink or biro! And please rub out your annotations before the score is returned.

Subscriptions - gift aid

Members are encouraged to pay their subscriptions using the Government's Gift Aid scheme since, as the Society is a charity, we can reclaim the tax paid by UK tax-paying members.

However, a practical problem has recently arisen. HMRC has ruled that, to the extent that members are receiving 'tuition', this is a personal benefit and not a 'gift' and therefore does not qualify for Gift Aid tax relief.

The Committee have therefore decided to split our subscriptions into two portions - a 'tuition' part and a 'gift' part. We shall only be able to claim the tax back on the 'gift' part but, as this amounts to 25p in every pound, it is still well worth while.

sheet music


# Please note: Because so many members have their own scores, we do not supply copies of the Handel's Messiah score. If you don't have your own score, we recommend you buy or borrow the New Novello Choral Edition, edited by WATKINS SHAW. This can be obtained from most music shops (both physical and online) and Amazon, or you may find a second-hand copy on ebay.


John conducting


Ticket sales

It is vital that we all try just that little harder to invite guests and sell tickets for our concerts. If only half our members could sell just 2 more tickets for each concert, we'd be better off by more than £5,000 each year!


The Society is grateful for the loyal support of its patrons and is pleased to offer patronage at £80 per year.
Patrons are offered reserved seats and receive two tickets for each concert. These may be used by patrons or by friends. Should you wish to support the Society in this way, then please ring the Secretary, Heather Marsh - Tel: 01937 584048.

Are rehearsals fun?

If you would like to know what rehearsals are really like, please go to our " HEAR US IN ACTION " page and select "John purifies the basses" or "See, the conquering hero comes" - but this might put you off if you are always serious-minded and don't like a little fun at times! (Rumour even has it that some members visit nearby pubs after rehearsals!)

Manning Stainton

Sponsoring can be fun!

Here we are, singing carols in December 2007 outside Manning Stainton's Wetherby office. This was followed (off picture) by suitable liquid refreshment nearby.

We should very much welcome further sponsors, both from individuals and from businesses and family or charitable trusts. If you know of any possible sponsors, do please contact our Chairman, Graham Reed, on 01423 797988.